We SHK industries are manufacturer of Polypropylene Random pipes having a thermal expansion and flexibility. In these pipes the thermal expansion of water supply systems can be accommodated in the pipe bends or loops as compensators. In PPR thermal pipes the thermal is installed for the purpose of preventing sweating and condensation. Moreover the Polypropylene material is having low thermal conductivity, thus PPR pipes require less insulation material then metal pipes.

 PPR Thermal Pipes Fittings

Further, the thermoplastic resin raw material allows the pipe to be produced by extrusion, and the fittings by mould injection by raising the temperature.


  • Leak Proof joining system
  • Non corrosive and Rust free pipe
  • No temperature loss and minimum insulation
  • Smooth inner surface with better flow and no scope of scaling
 PPR Thermal Pipes Fittings India

Detail Chart of PPR Thermal Pipes Fittings

Place or Origin


Brand Name

Shree Harikrishna Group


PPR Thermal Pipes Fittings

Pressure Resistance


Wall Thickness



4M or as per requirement

Temperature Resistance

95° C

PPR Thermal Pipes Fittings Advantages

  • High Impact Strength
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Widest Range of Operating Temperature
  • No corrosion
  • Leak Proof Joints
  • Hassle free Installation, Easy Adhesion
  • Cost effective
 PPR Thermal Pipes Fittings Manufacturer

Note: All the above PPR Thermal pipes fittings are available in all series, The Length of PPR thermal pipes can be varied on demand.