SHK Industries Compressed Air Piping system has been highly admired and accepted by almost all types of Industries across India and outside India since it’s an Air Leak Proof Pipe and in the industry, Air is the most important element to run the plant. Issues like Friction Loss, Pressure Drop, Moisture becomes very critical in compressed air application and all piping material invented till date would have never been able to solve them. With the most popular concept to cater Energy Saving pipe

 PPCH Pipes & Fittings

to the industrial segments, we SHK Industries is in manufacturing of Pneumatic Piping for Compressed Air handling pipe and fittings used in various industrial Utility applications. Our provide PPCH pipe fittings are manufactured Corrosion Resistant and Moisture free pipe for compressed air application, Instrumentation Air as well as the pipe for Vacuum Air Application and Nitrogen air. Industries which focus on Energy saving and converting hidden loss into profit by choosing the SHK brand PPCH Pipes and fittings leading to maximum Energy save and preventing hidden loss compared to other piping material.


  • Compressed Air
  • Instrumentation Air
  • Hot Air
  • Nitrogen Air
  • Vacuum Line
  • Lesser Friction Loss
  • Least Pressure Drop
  • NIL Leakage
 PPCH Pipes & Fittings India

Detail Chart of PPCH Pipes and Fittings

Place or Origin


Brand Name

Shree Harikrishna Group


PPCH pipes and fittings



Product Range

20mm to 160mm

Pressure Range

10 kg/cm2 to 25 kg/cm2

Temperature Resistance

5° C to 95° C

PPCH Pipes and fittings Advantages

  • Low thermal expansion compared to any polymer pipe and even PPRC pipes.
  • Very low sagging chances compared to other polymer pipes
  • Clamping requires 40% less than PPRC.
  • Follows blue color code as per international pneumatic piping standards.
  • Specially developed for air compressor piping and other pneumatic applications.
  • Different combination and range of fittings and valves with different sizes, pressures and grade
 PPCH Pipes & Fittings Manufacturer

Note:All The above PPCH pipes are available in all series The Length of PPCH pipes can be varied on demand.