We offer a worldwide range of Electrofusion Pipe Fittings, which is a method of joining MDPE, HDPE and other plastic pipes using special pipe fittings that have built-in electric heating elements which are used to weld the joint together. The pipes to be joined are cleaned, inserted into the electrofusion fitting and a voltage is applied for a fixed time depending on the fitting in use.

 Electrofusion Pipe Fittings

The built in heater coils then melt the inside of the fitting and the outside of the pipe wall, which weld is together produced a very strong homogeneous joint. The assembly is then left to cool for a specified time. We are offering at industry leading price, our range of Electrofusion Pipe Fittings is customized as per the specification of our clients. These fittings are widely appreciated by the clients as they are able to withstand high pressure as compare to the other fittings available in the market.


  • High reliability and proven service performance
  • Resistance to low temperature
  • High impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent chemical and UV resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life
 Electrofusion Pipe Fittings India

Detail Chart of Electrofusion Pipe Fittings

Place or Origin


Brand Name

Shree Harikrishna Group



Pipe Size

½ “ (20mm) to 12” (315mm)

Pressure Ratings

PN 10kg/cm2, PN 16kg/cm2

Pipe Fittings Sizes

½ “ (20mm) to 12” (315mm)


Textile, Chemical, Fertilizer, Oil and Refinery Industries

Electrofusion Pipe Fittings Advantages

  • High impact and breakage resistance.
  • There is no need to take protection precautions at the time of installation like extensive protection.
  • Availability of connection in a place out of the trench.
  • High resistance to chemical not affected from corrosion, decaying and abrasion.
  • PE pipe fittings have the advantage of very long service life under severe conditions.
 Electrofusion Pipe Fittings Manufacturer

Note: All the above Electrofusion Pipe Fittings are available in all series. The Length of pipes can be varied on demand.